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The game of football is not merely a sport, it is a religion. And when it comes to FC Barcelona, the fans bask in the glory of the game. We, at Qatar Airways, believe in your passion for the game and so we encourage you to be a part of the biggest event ever in the 114 years old historical team, FC Barcelona.

The partnership of Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona means that your love for football will be enhanced with our excellent service and exclusive offers.

The Occasion:

This event will be held at Camp Nou, Barcelona and will be graced by the likes of Neyman Jr., Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Calrles Puyol, Andrés Iniesta, Gary Lineker and many others significant personalities. And they will all sport the exclusively designed jersey which will be adorned by the logo of Qatar Airways. When it comes to celebrating a partnership, we believe in raising the bar.

Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona

Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona

The Special Attractions:

We will provide exclusive FCB packages to our privileged fans which will include the best of the services and have been designed keeping in mind our knack for excellence. Each package will include Economy Class Return Ticket for an individual. The route of the journey would be Doha/Barcelona/Doha.

Qatar Airways - FC Barcelona Match Packages

Qatar Airways – FC Barcelona Match Packages

We have also included accommodation facilities at the Catalonia Grand Hotel Verdi, where you can enjoy the comfort of the 4-star hotel for 3 nights, not to forget the complimentary breakfast. Needless to say and we know that you were waiting for this one; the package also includes 1 match ticket.

Also, we offer you the option of exquisite luxury in the form of VIP seats and boxes which are fully equipped interior seating arrangements with exclusive catering and bar services to pamper you.

Important Links:

Qatar Airways + FC Barcelona Website - unr.ly/1fl0DZJ

Qatar Airways Facebook Page - unr.ly/15uQRpj

FC Barcelona Facebook Page - unr.ly/15uQTNY

Qatar Airways Twitter Page - unr.ly/15uQRpl

FC Barcelona Twitter Page - unr.ly/15uQTO0

Qatar Airways Match Package Deal - http://unr.ly/18o2OcD

Disclaimer: Post sponsored by Qatar Airways

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