Maharashtra – An Emerging Destination for Volunteering

Wildlife Week Volunteering

In India, volunteering is considered a sacred act which has been carried forward by its people from the ancient times of the Indus Valley and Vedic Civilization. It is an act of devotion that has been done by the people of this country irrespective of their regional background for thousands of years.

Doing Rangoli By Students in Maharastra

Doing Rangoli By Students in Maharastra (Photo : Sampada Karkare)

Volunteering in India can be seen in different religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity where people come and volunteer at religious places to serve the people. Volunteering is enriching for the consciences of a person as it teaches him/her a lot about helping others and other such values of life.

Volunteer marking children after Polio Drops at ST Stand, Thane

Volunteer marking children after Polio Drops at ST Stand, Thane (Photo : Adani)

India is considered incredible for its diversity; its cultural heritage and its illustrious past which makes millions of people come to its shore. While in India you can volunteer as well as vacation at the same time without missing out on the fun of both the activities. The country has some great destinations which are beautiful in their landscape and high on tourist appeal but at the same time provide brilliant volunteering opportunities such as Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra located on the West Coast is a state with bountiful of natural beauty and some great tourist attractions such as Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Pune ad many such places.

Wildlife Week Volunteering

Wildlife Week Volunteering ( Photo : Sampada Karkare)

Volunteering in Maharashtra will be an experience you have never had before, you can choose from volunteering in city slums to some remote rural destination that has great rustic country charm and feel to it. The rural areas of the state are very backward in terms of basic infrastructure and thus provide for great volunteering opportunities and at the same time some great travelling value. The Vindhyan Ranges also bring forth the great beauty of the Marathi landscape and promise to provide you the best holistic experience of life wherein you can do some good for the society and be in peace with the nature.

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