It’s time for trout fishing in Himachal

Trout Fishing

The valleys and Mountains of Himachal Pradesh known better for its mountaineering and other Mountain sports is attracting a whole new kind of tourism this year around. While some like to enjoy the scenic beauty of Himachal and the might Mountains that lie in front of them some like to keep it low and try trout fishing in the clean river water in Himachal. The cold mountain streams of Himachal are well suited for trouts, and are home to some of the biggest variety of trouts.

Trout FishingThe history of trouts in Himachal dates back to 1909 when the then rulers of India the British who also had a great influence in Himachal Pradesh first introduced the exotic trouts to full fill their fancy of angling.

The Beas, Sutlej and Ravi rivers flow through various districts in Himachal especially the upper Himalayas. The cold climatic conditions makes it very difficult for fishes to survive in these rivers, the brown trout fishes are some of the species of fishes that survive these climatic conditions. The brown trout fishes are found in Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, Tirthan, Sainj, Uhl, Baspa, Pabar, Lambadug, Giri, Rana, Nugal Gai, Baner, Bata in Himachal.

If you are looking forward to fishing for trout’s in Himachal, the best places to hit would be the Pabbar stream in upper Shimla, the Uhl in Mandi district and the Baspa in Kinnaur district. The fisheries department of Himachal also counts Beas and its tributaries- Saveri, Parbati, Sajoin and Phojal to be one of the most abundant trout spots.

Brown TroutThe rivers and their tributaries of Himachal are abundant of river water fishes like the brown trout, catfish, Rohu, Catla, Golden Masheer, Mrigal Nemacheilus spp, Barilus sp, Schizothoracids Crossocheilus sp. Glyptothorax spp. etc.. Since the breeding season for trouts is in between November 1st to Feb 28th, this season is perfect for trout fishing since the fisheries department gives permission only around this time. Angling of all the other species of fishes is banned since it is their breeding period and they need to propagate.

While angling in Himachal Pradesh there are a lot of rules that are set by the state government that should be followed. The streams of Himachal can be classified as General Waters and Trout waters. The General water streams are estimated to have a length of 600 km and the Trout water streams as 2400 kms. In trout water license is provided only for rod and line fishing while in general waters you could use both the rod and line as well as a cast net. One more thing to keep in mind is the fact that you can only use artificial bait for angling such as spinner fly plug etc.

TroutIf you thought a trip to Himachal was all about getting lost in the scenic beauty and glazing away at the mountains think again with numerous activities like trout fishing there is much more that this state has to offer.

A number of trout fishing resorts provide you with a great trout fishing experience.  Not only can you catch your own fish you can eat it too. Trout fishing is a specialised art but the fishermen and the locals could assure you that you could have at least one catch. All you need is a little cunningness and a little skill.

Located mid-way between the town Kullu and Manali, Patlikuhl, Katrain and Raison, also have excellent pools for fishing. The course of the Parbati river from Manikaran, known for a popular Sikh shrine some 65 km from Kullu town, to its five km downstream is known to be ideal for fishing. The fisheries department also claims that the entire Kullu valley with Beas and tributaries is ideal for trout fishing. The Sainj and the Tirthan rivers also in the Kullu valley are also abundant with trouts. A few hundred meters downstream from Largi in Kullu the two rivers form a tri-junction with the Beas thus being abundant with Trouts.

Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is very much a family activity as it involves no kind of danger it’s something thatyou could enjoy doing while on a quite get away with your partner or your spouse, or on a holiday with your family. Children would especially enjoy this sport since it’s new to them and it’s something entirely different than what they experience in the city. So what are you waiting for pack up your bags and hit the fresh river waters of Himachal, Some trouts await you.

Trout ValleyWith numerous resorts like the Himalayan Trout House in Nangini Village in the Kullu district, and the Tirthan Valley Fishing Resort in Kullu district that provide you with first hand information about trout fishing, the gears required as well as experienced fishermen who guide you right from the beginning, we guarantee you that you will definitely catch some delicious trouts.

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  1. i went to tirthan couple of years back and heard from the locals there that its grt trout fishing place!!! dint fish though!!!!

  2. Stella at says:

    Thanks a lot for providing valuable information about trout fishing in himachal. It’s really nice post. With the help of your information we can easily spot the place where we will find trout fishing in himachal. & also we can save our valuable time. . I gathered all information what I want to be have…

  3. Himachal tour packages says:

    Amazing post! It was definitely a wonderful read!

  4. Ashok Vashisht says:

    Plan to fish the Uhl at Barot. I will be using spinners from Mepps (size 1-2) and Plugs from Rapala & Yo-Zuri. Lets see how the fishing shapes up.

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