Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh – Satpura Ki Rani

Sunset at Dhupgarh!

Lying in the Satpura hill ranges, Pachmarhi is a quaint hill station in Madhya Pradesh.  A popular tourist destination from both North, Central and West India, Pachmarhi is visited by travelers all round the year. It is popularly known as ‘Satpura Ki Rani’ or the ‘Queen of Satpura Hill Range’.

Pachmarhi is not very large town and for the most part is an Army Cantonment.  The forests around the main town forming part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, along with numerous streams & waterfalls, make for a wonderful natural landscape, which attracts many tourists.  The main places of tourist interest in Pachmarhi are:-

Rajat Prapat (large waterfall) - A horse tailed waterfall, it is said to be the 30th highest waterfall in India. Its name comes from the hindi word ‘Rajat’ meaning Silver, as when sunlight falls on the waterfall, it looks silvery in color.

Rajat Prapat, Pachmarhi

Rajat Prapat, Pachmarhi (Photo: Gayathri Sisir)

Bee Fall, Duchess Fall, Little Fall and Apsara Falls (fairy pool) – These are a number of falls in and around Pachmarhi, which are popular for their scenic beauty.

Bee Falls, Pachmarhi

Bee Falls, Pachmarhi (Photo: Srinsiri)

Dhoot Akhilesh, Bada Mahadev and Gupt Mahadev – These are revered Shivaite temples and structures which are frequented by devotees.

Gupta Mahadev

Gupta Mahadev -Shrines of lord shiva and lord ganesh inside the cave. (Photo: MSNGOUD)

Chauragarh  -  The devotees make a pilgrimage to this place in huge numbers during Mahashivratri.


Choudaghar – Lord shiva temple (Photo: MSNGOUD)

Dhupgarh – It is the highest peak of the Satpuras and also in Madhya Pradesh.

Sunset at Dhupgarh!

Sunset at Dhupgarh (Photo: Avdhoot Harshe)

Jatashankar  – It is a stalagmite-filled cave in a deep ravine and very popular amongst adventure tourists.

Jatashankar, Pachmarhi

Jatashankar, Pachmarhi (Photo: Alison Bale)

Pachmarhi Hill – From this hill, one gets a panoramic  view of Pachmarhi City.

Pachmarhi Hill

Pachmarhi Hill (Photo: Jaypremzz)

Rajendra Giri  – This is a beautiful garden with wonderful natural landscaping.

Forests Near Pachmarhi

Forests Near Pachmarhi (Photo: David Urmann)

Draupadi Kund – A Pond where the epic Mahabharata’s Draupadi is said to have bathed.

Draupadi Kund

Draupadi Kund (Photo: Sahil Zafar)

Some other places of interest are Pansy Pool, Waters Meet, Picadilly Circus, Patharchatta, Crumps Crag, Lady Robertson’s View, Colletin Crag, Handi Kho , Bansri Bihar, Naagdwari and Reechgarh.

A visit to Pachmarhi hill station is a refreshing break away from the city life and amongst the best of nature offered by Satpuras.  It is truly Queen of Satpuras!!

The Pachmarhi Town is well connected from Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

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  1. Central India is so very full of delights..

  2. Snigdha says:

    Beautiful post and awesome pics! Thanks for sharing such a nice and decent information here with awesome stuff…

    Snigdha G,

  3. Gurgaon says:

    Nice blog, well Madhya Pradesh can also be tourist destination, as per your observation and description. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. people who really searching for peace with nature then they should visit this place because it’s not densly populated like other tourist places in India…

  5. Pachmarhi hotels says:

    Very nice post susmita …thanks for sharing..Pachmarhi is stunning hill station of MP. the beautiful places with exoctic hill also hotels in pachmarhi is so affordable to stay and enjoy holidays.

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