Abode Of The Nature: Gurudongmar

Roads from Lachen to Gurudongbar

Situated at a 17,800ft above the sea level, Gurudongmar is a land of beauty and serenity. It is among the most sacred places in India. The vast plateau is border to China and has a mixed culture of both the nation. It is in Northern part of Sikkim and the landscape is heart throbbing. The area suits best to people looking for offbeat tourist spots across India.

Beauty of North Sikkim

Beauty of North Sikkim ( Photo: Anirban Chatterjie)

Beauty of Gurudongmar Lake

Beauty of Gurudongmar Lake ( Photo: Sandip Chakraborty)

Because of its controversial location tourists at Gurudongmar have to go through strict police checking. It is surely worth for to be a tourist at this place because of its long stretches of alpine pastures, flower valleys and pure environment. Far away from the urbanised settlements, Gurudongmar presents marvellous creation of nature.

Nature Beauty of Sikkim

Nature Beauty of Sikkim ( Photo: Anirban Chatterjie)

Stay and Travel:

It is difficult to find a place to reside in Gurudongmar due to its high altitude. Lachen and Thangu are two places in particular where people can live. Local transports or Taxis are easily available to reach the Gurudongmar Lake. One has to get an army permit to visit the lake because of its mere distance from China.

Areas of Interest:

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim (Photo: Supriya Banerjee)

River Teesta On the way back from the Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim (N)

River Teesta On the way back from the Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim (N) (Photo: Supriya Banerjee)

Gurudongbar Lake

Gurudongbar Lake(Photo: Supriya Banerjee)

The most important place to visit is the Gurudongmar Lake. The lake is named after Guru Dongmar also known as Padmasambhav. It is thought be among the highest lakes in the world. Its pristine appearance makes one fall in love with the place. The lake provides source to Teesta River. The destination is basically worshipped by Sikhs. It is believed that Guru Nanak’s visited this place to provide support t people who were moved from Tibet. His footprints and a utensil are preserved in a nearby area. Presence of Gurudwara to the vicinity adds to the purity of the place.

Sunrise at the Hilltop (Zoomed) on the way to Gurudongmar Lake from Lachen village, Sikkim (N)

Sunrise at the Hilltop (Zoomed) on the way to Gurudongmar Lake from Lachen village, Sikkim (N) (Photo: Supriya Banerjee)

The place is surrounded by high peaks like Kanchenjunga. The sun rise and sets points are mostly covered by tourists. The close view of sun is not possible in urban areas. The points are generally liked by tourists where they click pictures and enjoy the scenery.

Roads from Lachen to Gurudongbar

Roads from Lachen to Gurudongbar(Photo: Kaushik)

The roads connecting from Lachen to Gurudongmar is one gorgeous site. It is amazing to note how the landscape changes its forms from mountains to forests and to streams. The terrain gradually is seen as converting into colourful valley, if it is flowering season. The travel from Lachen is a compulsory add-on the itinerary.

Lachen Monastery

Lachen Monastery ( Photo: Chandrasekaran)

Lachen Monastery

Lachen Monastery (Photo: Chandrasekaran)


North Sikkim ( Photo: Abhishek Tripathi)


On the way to Zero Point from Yumthang. 32 km further up the hills from Yumthang, at an altitude of close to 14000 ft, is Zero Point. ( Photo: Supriya Banerjee)

It is also considered as a slice of Ladakh because of its typical type of climate and altitude. The beauty of area not limited to the lake but also in its surroundings. The area transports one into tranquillity and peace. Some nearby tourist spots like Lachen monastery, Thangu valleys and Yumthang can be visited. The places are covered with seasonal naturally blooming flowers and crystalline waterfalls.

Trek in Chopta

Trek in Chopta ( Photo: Chandrashila)

An adventure seeker can find numerous places of interest. Number of mountain activities is carried in these areas where people can involve themselves in rock climbing, river crossing, trekking etc. A trek in Chopta valley is one unthinkable creation of god.


Flowers of Sikkim

Flowers of Sikkim ( Photo: Anirban Chatterjie)

Waterfalls in North Sikkim

Waterfalls in North Sikkim(Photo: Anirban Chatterjie)

Gurudongmar and other regions of North Sikkim are making popular entry into tourist spots in the country. Situated totally away from the metros, this place surely gives time to breathe and relish the beauty of nature.

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