Unwind on the sun kissed beaches of Kerala

Beaches in Kerala

Kerala’s massive coastal stretch has some of the worlds most untouched and virgin beaches, a pleasant tropical sun and dotted coconut groves. Very often the ocean cuts into the land forming the much sought after backwaters of Kerala. One can easily associate Kerala with beaches. Located on the Malabar Coast Kerala rightfully was recognized as one of the ’10 paradises of the world’ by Nat Geo traveller.

The unique culture of Kerala coupled with its ecotourism initiatives to preserve its ecosystem has made it the most popular tourist destination in India. There are many places worth your visit in Kerala; in fact the whole of the state is so beautiful that you would not know where to start.

Start with the beaches, pristine, clear, blue and virgin the beaches of Kerala seem untouched by civilization. Some of the most popularly visited beaches in Kerala are Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam, Kappad, Poovar and Alapuzha to name a few.

Alapuzha beachAlapuzha beach also known as Allepey beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations. There are many factors that add to Allepey’s beauty, the extending pier that is around 140 years old, the lagoons, lakes and many fresh water rivers come as a blessing to Kerala.

The long sandy beach of Kovalam is a world famous beach that gained popularity as early as the 1930’s. The coconut palms on the golden sand seem almost surreal. While there are many reasons to come to Kovalam, tourists are mostly seen basking in the sun. Foreigners who are drawn towards Ayurveda and meditation also throng to Kerala to visit the numerous Ayurvedicparlours, meditation centers and yoga centers whose numbers have tremendously increased the past few years.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach

Varkala beach 54 km from Trivandrum is a pristine and quite beach, untouched by tourists who hoard to Kerala every year. Varkala is a great place to have a relaxing beach holiday. Don’t forget to get yourself a fantastic massage followed by a dip in one of the numerous mineral springs. The mineral springs of Varkala are believed to have extremely curative properties. Varkala is also blessed with a fabulous landscape. A rocky cliff that merges with the clear sand makes this beache very different than the other beaches of Kerala. The landscape of Varkala creates a picturesque image at the sunset when the golden sun sinks into the sea.

Bekal Beach

Bekal Beach

Contrary to other beaches Bekal is a sleepy village near Mangalore. Forts, beaches and backwaters have made Bekal an international tourist destination. Located in Kasargod district the Bekal fort is colossal and splendid.

Cherai Beach

Rightly know, as ‘The Princess of the Queen of the Arabian Sea’ Cherai Beach is 15 km long. Dolphins can be spotted near the beach occasionally. Famously known for its savoring sea food delicacies, the paddy fields and the coconut trees add a silver lining to Cherai. Getting to Cherai is very easy, located just 20 kms from Cochin one can easily hire a taxi or ride on a bus to Cherai.

Beypore Beach

Beypore beachOnce an important fishing harbor in Kerala, Beypore beach today is an ideal place for relaxing. The sandy beaches of Beypore attract many tourists because of its close proximity from Kozikode. An historic bridge made entirely out of stones make a trail into the sea. There is a lot to do in Byepore, you can sun bathe on the beach, or take a stroll in the village exploring the culture and traditions of the people of Kerala and nip on the cool coconut water.

Marari beach

Marari Beach

The swaying palm trees and the magnificent coconut trees on the vast expanses of the Marari beach make it an ideal spot for those seeking to be in tranquility. Marari is a great place to explore the fishing culture in Kerala. Local fisherman from the nearby village’s row into the sea daily to catch fishes that have been a staple food in Kerala’s cuisine. Unexplored and unfamiliar the Marari beach is a long expanse of sand and dotted with coconut and palm grooves. The locals in Marari also conduct a coir-making workshop, something that you can try your hands on. Coir is made out of the husk of the coconut, and is used to make many useful things like brushes, mats and other household items.

If you like adventure sports, Marari has more to offer. You can simply enjoy a game of beach volleyball or indulge in other water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, surfing etc.

Poovar beach

Wrapped up in the tranquility of the backwaters of Kerala, Poovar beach has golden sand and a pleasant surrounding. The small southern village has its own tale of history to tell. Once a prominent trade point for trading sandalwood and timber Poovar today has some of the most expressive beach resorts. It is also one the earliest Muslim settlement in the western coast.

Shanghumugham beach

Shanghumugham beach

You could also spend a few hours on Shaghumugham Beach (although I would recommend not staying there) the famous statue of a nymph made by Sri Kanai Kanjunamandraws many tourists. While the beach is bears a remarkable face during the temple seasons, it could be very crowded during the weekends when the locals come to spend time on the beach. The rising number of tourists who visit this beach every year has also drawn food vendors; savor one of the beach side delicacies.

While there is much to read and write, there is much more to see. The unforgettable view of the sun setting at Shaghumugham Beach, the rock studded historic beach at Kappad, the relaxing spa therapy at Varkala, the lovely dolphin at Alapuzha and the fort at Kochi beach, make your experiences at the beaches of Kerala truly remarkable.

Beaches in Kerala

The coast of Kerala has plentiful beaches, some unfamiliar and others that have gained tremendous popularity. Depending on what you are looking for, we can provide you your dream holiday. Our properties are dotted all across Kerala just like the beaches of Kerala. Book your trip today and unwind on the sun kissed beaches of Kerala.

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(Photo Courtesy: Sumit Mathur and Gauchi)


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